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An Interception-resistant Authentication And Encryption System And Method
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How GATE Works

The GATE system is an alternative authentication method to replace traditional password system for higher level of security.

There are 2 steps :
[ 1 ] Create User Id and Passcode :

        [ a ] Enter a User Id and click on "Check Availability" button.

        [ b ] Create a user passcode by clicking on symbol buttons on the screen. The example below shows a user selected a passcode with 4 pins.

        [ c ] Click the "Save" button to save user passcode.

[ 2 ] Login : Follow the order of user pins in the user passcode, enter the pins by clicking on the buttons/tokens that contain each user pin.

        [ a ] If a user pin is shown in the table, user must enter the button/token that contains that user pin.

        [ b ] If a user pin is missing in the table, user can and must enter a random/wildcard button/token in place of that missing pin.

For each login session, some user pins will be selected to mix with other symbols and shown in a group of buttons/tokens, then the user is required to enter the passcode
by clicking on the buttons/tokens that contain user pin, so the symbols shown are all randomly picked for each session, this increases passcode strength exponentially.

It's just that simple, if you see a user pin on the screen, just click on the button/token that has the user pin, but if a pin is missing on the screen, you can and must
click on a random button/token to enter that user pin. This is a security feature which makes a hacker's job much harder when he tries to figure out your user pins.

When clicking on a button/token, you don't have to click on a specific symbol, you can press anywhere on the button/token, the symbols will all enter as a group.

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Home GATE Info How GATE Works Create User_Id And Pin Login  [  2 x 5  |  3 x 3  |  4 x 4  ]